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whitepages.com . flooring store allen tx Way back in 2005, Brian who lived in the north woods surrounding Lake Superior and Leilani who lived near the shores of the Pacific Ocean got together as Casablanca Traders. Together they embarked as a team on a mission to bring the people of the Great North Lakes a great coffee house that would also showcase local artistry. Well, check, and check! How in the world do people that far away meet? The Internet, of course - and since Brian didn't turn out to be a serial killer and Leilani didn't turn out to be a stalker... the love continues to grow to this very day. Join us as the joy of our little venture continues online with many locally handcrafted gifts and delightful local edibles. Take a virtual tour of the treasures offered by the beautiful little towns surrounding Lake Superior, the world's second largest body of fresh water.